Don’t Worry! God Knows We’re Weak!

MEME - Matthew 6 vv 33-34

Over the years, people have asked for prayer and apologized as they admitted struggling with worry, which usually stems from doubt and fear. Scripture affirms we have no reason to feel guilty or be ashamed in our weak moments.

We’re only in week two of the Our Daily Bread Bible in a Year reading schedule and we’ve watched quiet a few worry-warts processing their feelings and then persevering under God’s care.

Eve worried the Lord was holding back on her, while Adam feared taking responsibility for his actions (Genesis 3).

Abram worried God wouldn’t protect him if the Egyptians found his wife attractive (Genesis 12:10-20), and later, she doubted the Lord would keep His promises (Genesis 16:1-6).

The name changes didn’t stop them from wrestling with worry. Abraham claimed Sarah was his sister . . . again . . . when he had a run-in with Abimelech (Genesis 20:1-3). Their son, Isaac, followed their fearful footsteps and lied about his wife being his sister when he settled in Gerar (Genesis 26:9-11).

The line of worriers didn’t end there. Isaac’s son, Jacob, feared he wouldn’t have enough and deceived his father while stealing from his brother . . . with his mom’s help (Genesis 27).

We could claim these folks straddled the line between faith and fear-based worry because they hadn’t met Jesus face-to-face. But the disciples wrestled with a fair share of worrying, too.

They walked and talked with Him every day. Yet, Jesus still found it necessary to teach about the anxious, fearful worries that often stemmed from unbelief.

Why? Because our Lord and Savior knew we’d need assurance of His sovereign goodness and loving care.

Though Jesus warned about placing prosperity on the tippity-top of our priorities list (Matthew 6:19-26), His red-flag led to a comforting promise of His ongoing provision and protection.

When my husband lost his job a few years ago, these verses took on a whole new meaning. Sure, it’s easier to proclaim our trust when we’ve got a safety net in a savings account and a steady income. But when we can’t save ourselves, when we can’t fix a situation, God is still able to do above and beyond all we can imagine. Hallelujah!

While God provides for our needs and affirms His power as Creator and Sustainer of all, He also assures us that life isn’t centered around what we can consume or wear (v. 26).

He invites us to consider the futility of anxiety, the wastefulness of allowing worry to dominate our thoughts.

“Can all your worries add a single moment to your life?” (Matthew 6:27, NLT)

In my experience, the answer is nope-not-a-chance-and-in-your-dreams.

Obsessive worry can actually steal our peace, smother our joy, and even cause health and relational problems.

When we experience hard times, when situations work out in ways that seem unfair and sad in this world, worry has a way of sneaking up on us.

It’s tempting to fret, especially when we or the people we love seem to be buried under the growing burden of financial strife, physical suffering, or emotional trials.

What about the homeless and those who suffer in other countries?

If we start listing all the things beyond our control, of course we’ll be whacked over the head with worry.

Focusing on our endless limitations and inability to fix everything, may lead us to a form of idolatry when we shove God into the margins of our lives and become obsessed with excessive worry, anxious thoughts, and fear.

This is much different from being concerned and planning to be a good steward of our finances and health, as a responsible adult.

Don’t worry! God knows we’re weak and has planned accordingly.

He knows we’ll worry, fear, doubt Him, and have anxious thoughts. But in our weakness, our loving Lord and Savior remains strong.

He invites us to seek Him first when we’re in need (v. 33), living in this moment as we walk by faith and hear His voice assuring us, guiding us, and eventually washing our worries away.

When we come to the Lord honestly, He can bring us peace, even when we don’t get relief.

Lord, thanks for the empowering us to trust You’ll carry us through every moment in our lives, as we remember You ordained our days before one of them came to be. In Jesus’s name, Amen.

“Seek the kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously and He will give you everything you need. So don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today.” (Matthew 6:33-34, NLT)


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10 thoughts on “Don’t Worry! God Knows We’re Weak!

  1. The words from this song has helped me through a lot of tougth times and my heart and mind drags my heart to them in just the right time. They make me remember WHO is really in control,who to lean on,who to ask for help,and who to trust to lead and help me along the path of this life.

    Why should I feel discougraged, and why should the shadows fall.
    Why should my heart feel lonely,and long for my heavenly homd.
    When Jesus is my fortress,my constant friend is He His eye is on the
    Sparrow and I know He watches me.

    • “His Eye is on the Sparrow” is one of my favorite songs, Ms. Jean. Thanks for sharing these lyrics.

  2. God is so amazing. He does tell us not to do this or to do that…..but he knows that as humans we are going to do it and then offers to rescue us from it WHEN we do it, not if. Thank you for your thoughtful blog to encourage us.

    • True, so true, Colleen. It’s when, not if, we are weak that He provides in His loving goodness and sovereignty. Thanks for your kind words and encouragement.

  3. Amen! I love that God already knows we need this assurance of His love & care for us! He knows how easily we forget what He’s already done. Matthew 6:33 is engraved in our wedding rings as a constant reminder to seek Him first. When I basically told my (friend then) husband to get lost, God gave him this Scripture to stand on. I have been overwhelmingly blessed that he continued to pursue me, seeking God first that He would add all things to him, and believing that he had heard God correctly. Thank you for this encouraging post!

    • I totally agree with you, Becky. Our loving Lord knows our weaknesses and has planned how to minister to our hearts in advance. I love how your husband held on to that verse and remained steadfast in waiting for you instead of rushing God. What a beautiful testimony! Thanks for sharing.

  4. In 2017, I was underemployed or unemployed 8 of the twelve months. Looking back on it, I do not know how we made it. But, we did, by taking each day, one day at a time. Within the day, we took one hour at a time. The day always evolves, not knowing what will unfold.

    In 2018, we have moved. Purchased a home and have a new job. Blessed with insurance, paid holidays, and vacation. I have learned not to take these things for granted and know that it can be removed in an instant!

    Its hard at times to totally rely on Him. I believe it’s human nature. Lord help us with our unbelief. Let You increase in our life and me decrease!!

    • What a wonderful testimony! To God be the glory! I shared your note with my husband, Brother Garry. He has been in a similar position a couple times in his life, the most recent time being the last two months. As always, God carried us through and provided in ways we never expected. You are right. It’s not always easy to trust, which is why God has blessed us with His Holy Spirit who empowers us to believe, to trust, and to follow His Holy Word. He is a good, good Father!

  5. I just wanna say I’m caught up with all your entries starting back in 2012. I read your very first article in Our Daily Bread maybe a couple years or a year and half ago :-) and it was a blessing to read it. I wanted more so that’s when I read that you have a blog and at that time I read a current entry. Again, I was blessed reading it that I decided to start at the begining. I love how you kept it real about your life. You didn’t sugarcoat it. I appreciate how you share your world with us and show us how despite the challenges as Christ followers we go through, we can still overcome anything with The Lord’s help. I pray for ongoing healing and continuous success for and your family.

    • LaShondia, your note made my day! To God be the glory! Thanks for being a light of encouragement, Sister. I appreciate you taking time to praise the Lord with me and hope you will return. I would love to connect with you on my Facebook Author page, too. I share daily encouragement and prayers on my FB page and would enjoy praising God and praying with you as we seek Him and live for Him one day at a time.