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You can print out the Breath Prayer Cards and use them as is or glue them onto matching cardstock (i.e. Blue Breath Prayer Card on Blue cardstock). You can use the Breath Prayer Cards for a matching game, for snuggle time Scripture reading, or for a fun way to encourage little image-bearers to inhale Scripture and exhale praises and prayers as they connect with God.


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What Color is God’s Love? (Children’s Book, Ages 2-8, WaterBrook, March 2024)

In What Color is God’s Love?, a little girl with an invisible disability (like me) and her service dog (inspired by my service dog, Callie) join their diverse friends through a whirlwind of adventures. As they celebrate the spectacular spectrum of colors God designed, each color invites readers to explore their God-given emotions and becomes a reminder of God’s unchanging character.

While encouraging children to acknowledge God’s constant presence with every turn of the page, What Color is God’s Love? also empowers children, with and without disabilities, to play, work, and serve God together, by simply letting the colors of His love shine through them.

This playful rhyming picture book invites young readers to discover all the ways God’s love can be displayed through a rainbow of colors.

What did Publishers Weekly have to say about What Color is God’s Love? in its first pre-publication review back in September 2023?

Let’s take a peek inside!

All the colors displayed in this world that God made—
every glorious, fabulous, beautiful shade—
show how good God is and will always be.
But what is the color of love? Come and see!

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