Trusting God seems so much easier when we’re sitting on top of a heap of abundance. Losing our sense of security and our false sense of being in control breeds fear, doubt, and impatience.

I walked by faith with trembling and dropped to my knees when Alan lost his job, when my health took a nosedive, when our oldest son wandered away from the Lord. At the time, my shaky trust frustrated me. But as I look back, I see how the Lord used His Word and His people to deepen my faith as I leaned into Him.

I am so excited to hear your testimonies!

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Reflection Questions

  1. How has God helped you or a friend through a time of financial, physical, or emotional need?

The Lord has provided in so many ways over the years. But recently, I praised Him with grateful tears after He helped me with my financial, physical, and emotional needs.

After my doctor informed me that pain management “could be my life,” I grieved and considered the possibility of living with limited mobility. I called Jake and Amanda Guell at Tails for Life.

Though the cost for Callie’s service dog training would be an investment, my husband committed to making it happen . . . somehow. When my insurance denied my request for a procedure that would help me with pain management, I called Jake to cancel the training. He suggested I do a fundraiser. After prayer and discussion with my husband, I shared the story on my blog and on social media.

God’s people sponsored Callie’s training in four days!

Some people messaged me with stories about how the Lord moved in their hearts during prayer time. And when we were only $530.00 away from our goal, one woman messaged me and informed me that the Lord had nudged her to give $500.00 toward Callie’s training.

These amazing sponsors partnered in ministry with me, making it possible to Callie to serve with me at the Our Daily Bread chapel on August 7, 2019. We’re looking forward to sharing God’s truth and love to the ends of the earth . . . together . . . thanks to God’s faithfulness and the generous love of His beloved children. (You can watch the video of Callie and me sharing with the Our Daily Bread Ministry family during chapel on their Facebook page.)

And now, I have the privilege of helping Tails for Life raise funds to train a service dog for a child with autism!


If you want to make a difference in the life of a child in need of a service dog, you can join me in raising $5,000.00 for Tails for Life with a tax-deductible donation.

Please let Jake and Amanda you heard about the fundraiser on my blog . . . and be ready to praise the Lord as He provides above and beyond all we can even begin to imagine!

  1. How can sharing your testimony or hearing the testimonies of others increase the faith of those who are struggling with a lack of worldly security as they wait on God to provide?

As I interviewed people while writing Waiting for God, the Lord used their stories to strengthen my faith and refresh my spirit. As readers begin sharing how God is using Waiting for God to encourage them, the Lord is igniting a fire in me to share His truth and love with even more boldness and overflowing love for Him and His people.

  1. In what situation can you trust the Lord’s promised provision and protection this week?

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve struggled with pain management and fatigue. Though dealing with chronic pain daily often exhausts me physically and emotionally, I am leaning into God and asking Him to help me trust Him. I know it sounds funny, but He’s even using this blog series to encourage me. As I read each chapter He helped me write and answer the end-of-chapter questions, God’s helping me walk through each day with Holy Vision. Hallelujah!


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