When I met Diane, she was a newbie at a Christian writers’ conference. Her radiant smile made me forget my pain for a few seconds. Her contagious joy enthralled me. But her story . . . her story changed the way I thought about my attitude in the wait.

After she agreed to let me share a snippet of her story, I asked God to show me the verses He wanted me to study for the chapter message. The Lord changed my direction for the book as I studied Hannah’s story. He reminded me that my heart settled where my eyes landed. If I wanted to completely surrender my heart to the Lord, I needed to shift my focus.

I’m excited about the stories you’re going to share as we explore the life-transforming impact of Holy Vision.

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Reflection Questions

  1. How does focusing on the holiness of God increase our depth of trust in His motives and mercy?

To be holy is to be specially recognized as sacred, consecrated, entitled to worship. When I recognize God’s holiness, I can remember that He belongs first in my life. God deserves to feared (revered), honored and praised, as we stand in awe of His transcendent power and His intimate presence. He is reliable and trustworthy in every way, so He can be trusted to decide what’s best for me and everyone else. The Lord sees beyond what we can see and knows more than we’ll ever know, so we can count on His perfect will to encompass all we need and more.

  1. What aspects of God’s character affirm His reliability and feed our hope through the twists and turns we’ll encounter in the wait?

God is faithful, just, good, loving, eternal, and constantly present . . . God is with me! He is the way, the truth, and the life, not just one of the ways, or one of the truths, or one of the sources of life.

  1. What is God asking you to release your grip on this week?

I experienced a flare-up of nerve pain and muscle spasms in my back, shoulders, and neck while walking my service dog, Callie. She did a wonderful job caring for me until the pain became manageable enough for me to continue walking home. She stopped and leaned into me when I said, “Help Mama.” She remained still as I adjusted her leash and slowed her pace, stopping whenever I needed another break. My pain levels have increased since that day but are still less intense than they were before my last procedure. Praise the Lord!

Though I became discouraged when I missed a full day of work, the Lord reminded me that He is in control of my schedule. I can rest in the surety of God’s lovingkindness. I may not be able to work as fast as I used to work, but I’m always able to meet the deadlines God places before me. My mighty and merciful Father won’t allow the enemy to stop me from sharing His truth and love to the ends of the earth. Every time I say “yes” to a writing project or a speaking event, the Lord always comes through and gives me all I need to do all He places before me.



I pray the Lord used Diane’s story in chapter three of Waiting for God to encourage you.

Today’s Featured Author, Diane Dokko Kim, has served over twenty-five years in local church leadership. In 2004, her first son was diagnosed with autism and ADHD/ADD at age two, which triggered profound personal, professional and spiritual crises. Since 2008, she has served as a disability ministry consultant, and launched an online ministry in 2012 for special-needs families. Diane and her husband, Eddie, live and serve in the heart of Silicon Valley with their two young sons. She blogs on being wrecked, redeemed and repurposed.

In Unbroken Faith, Diane comes alongside you as a fellow special-needs parent to help you reconcile the premise of a good God with the devastating realities of raising a disabled child. Kim’s biblically-based encouragement will help you understand that you are not alone, that God gets it, and that God’s Word is entirely relevant to the raw and messy yet hallowed spaces of special-needs parenting.

For an extended excerpt of Unbroken Faith, free resources, and more, please connect with Diane on her website.


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