Being Bold for Jesus: Asking for Help and Believing God Can!

MEME - Colin YWAM Fundraising Last Week Push - Feb 21, 2018 (1)

As I remain housebound, I’ve asked the Lord to help me be bolder, to help me be fearless in sharing Him and serving Him, to never limit Him because of my limitations.

I’ve asked the Lord to show me ways I could serve Him more, ways I could be His hands and feet as I make a difference in the lives of others . . . even from my recliner.

He’s been blessing me with so many opportunities to pray for others, to offer encouragement through writing, and now . . . in a way I’ve never done before.

But today, I received a cry for help from a young man who simply wants to serve the Lord and believes he will see God moving in mighty ways . . . even if he doesn’t get what he’s asking for.

I cried as I read his email.

Then, I wrote this message to share it with you:


Our friend and fellow Christian writer reached out for help awhile ago. We’ve been praying for his son, Colin, who is in the middle of three months of intensive, one-on-one training with YWAM (Youth with a Mission) and should be heading to Queensland, Sweden, Norway, and the world cup for three months of ministry. The return date is July 2018.

However, Colin sent us an email that said he may be sent home!

He’s worked hard to save for this mission trip for over a year.

He only needs about $5000 dollars, though this amount does not include his round-trip plane tickets to Australia.

He is also in need of money for incidentals like laundry, to cover the six-month mission trip.

His last update assured us he is not eating much, since he’s fasting for the first time . . . while praying and trying to raise the funds he needs.

He also assured us that he’s letting his cloths air dry so he only has to spend money on the washing machine.

Oh, how I wish I could give this good steward every penny he needs. But, since I can’t do this alone, I’m asking all of my amazing friends and family to help me . . . to help Colin . . . for the glory of God!

If this young man doesn’t have the money turned in by February 26, 2018, Colin will be delayed in joining his team. If he doesn’t have the full amount by March 1, 2018, he will be asked to go home.

He is at peace with this situation and is trusting God’s will, even though he has no funds to get home either.

Oh, what beautiful faith I see in this young man of God! I, too, have no doubt the Lord can provide above and beyond Colin’s dreams as he devotes his life to serving Christ.

Please join me in praying for Colin and the other YWAM team members.

And please prayerfully consider donating to Colin’s GoFundMe account today! Any little bit helps.

Please also share this post with others who may want to be a part of what God is doing in and through Colin’s life, as we continue praying for our little brother in Christ.

To God be the glory!

To DONATE, please visit Colin’s GoFundMe YWAM Mission Trip account.

I’m not receiving anything by sharing this information.

I’ve served in ministry with Colin’s dad since April 2016. Their beautiful family has prayed for us, as we’ve prayed for them.

I used to dream of taking mission trips when I first surrendered my life to Christ.

When my chronic pain increased, I had to accept that the Lord may have other ways for me to reach the world for Him.

He’s done this through my writing. Praise the Lord!

He’s also given me opportunities to pray for young people who have the desire to serve Him in ways I cannot.

And now, the Lord has placed it on my heart to share this fundraising effort with you, something I have never done before.

I was afraid to ask for help. I was afraid . . . but not anymore. Over the last few years, I’ve been asking the Lord to help me be bold for Him. Still, I let fear stop me from doing something as simple as asking for help for someone in need.

So, I’m asking.

Please join me in prayer.

I do not want anyone to feel obligated to donate financially.

However, if God places it on your heart to give a little of what He’s given you, please join me in investing in the life of a young man who wants to share the Gospel of Christ to the ends of the earth! 


Was this hard? Yes. But I’m not going to hide behind fear anymore. If this young man can be bold for Jesus across the miles . . . I can be bold for Jesus from my recliner.

Thank You, Lord, for the opportunities You give us to join Your work around the world. Thanks for using us, even though You don’t need us. Thanks for inviting us to share Your truth and love wherever You lead us, to encourage one another in word and with our actions. Thanks for blessing us with a glimpse of young Colin’s bold faith, Lord. May Your will be done in and through this young man’s life. You are so good to us, Lord! Please help us trust You, as You move in ways we never dared to dream possible. In Jesus’s name, Amen


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Walk by Faith . . . with Jesus in Sight!

MEME - Matthew 14 v 27 - Feb 14, 2018

(Suggested Reading: 14:22-33)

As a writer of both fiction and nonfiction, I appreciate that God has blessed me with a vivid imagination. When writing flash fiction or novels, I enjoy creating intriguing story-worlds and relatable characters.

I orchestrate plots that push my characters toward life-altering decisions. I nudge them closer to the edge of desperation, causing them suffering and loss before allowing them to slip into a hope-filled final scene.

Over the years, I’ve come to realize I often use fiction to process my real-life feelings. Still, the stories aren’t true. The high stakes that each character faces aren’t real. My wild imagination creates circumstances that test and threaten my characters, but they have nothing to lose . . . no skin in the game. Being blessed with an endless imagination works for creating fiction, but can cause real-life problems.

The habit of imagining the worst that can happen can tempt us into excessive worry or fear.

Fretting over things-that-could-be can raise stress levels and sink hope into the depths of an imaginary world that has no business meddling with real emotions or relationships.

When my eyes are zeroed-in on the what-ifs that cloud my vision and interfere with real-life, it’s hard to focus on God‒the Creator and Sustainer of true life.

A creative mind can lead to a worry-burdened heart.

So, His Spirit empowers us to understand His Word, through which He reveals His unchanging character. As we rely on the Lord, He helps us avoid the pitfalls that can make our faith falter at the most inconvenient times.

In His goodness, He gives us opportunities to pump up our spiritual muscles, usually after He’s proven His trustworthiness and generous provision.

When Jesus fed the five-thousand-plus group (Matthew 14:13-21), the disciples witnessed a miracle. The Lord used what little they had to accomplish more than they could have dreamed possible.

Still, they fretted over things they couldn’t even control. They allowed fear and doubt to sway them from trusting God and doing what He’d already proven possible with them.

Oh, how many times have I done the same thing, Lord?

Scripture says that after Jesus fed the five-thousand-plus group, He “immediately” nudged the disciples into a faith-stretching situation (v. 22). Then, He made Himself scarce. While Jesus prayed on a lonely mountain (v. 23), the disciples rode a boat with the current . . . into a brutal storm (v. 24).

Beaten by the waves and discouraged by the force of the gales against them, the disciples trembled instead of rejoicing at the sight of the Lord’s power in action (vv. 25-26). Jesus comforted them (v. 27).

While Peter’s response could be interpreted as testing Jesus, I often wonder if the disciple was making sure that he, Peter, was in his right mind as he sought clarity and direction (v. 28).

Is that You, Lord? What do You want me to do? I’m too scared to step out in faith. I need You. Command me. Make me brave. Help me hear You, see You . . . trust You. (Paraphrase totally mine.)

Peter hopped out of that boat, “walked on the water and came to Jesus” (v. 29).

Peter walked on water.

After he had already made it to Jesus, he realized what he’d done. As the disciple stood within reach of the Lord, his eyes flicked to the left . . . and probably to the right. The reality of the impossibility of his circumstances hit him.

Scripture says Peter “saw the wind,” (v. 30) but wind can’t be seen. What he actually saw was the power of that wind, the effect that wind had on the waves.

What Peter failed to consider was the power of the One who created and controlled both the wind and the waves, the very One who had empowered Peter to walk on water (v. 30).

In that instant, Peter’s faith wilted at the realization of his own inabilities. I can’t possibly walk on water! What was I thinking?

In that instant, he began to sink into doubt . . . and into the raging waters (v. 30).

Once again, I stand in awe and am comforted by the compassion and love of Jesus’s immediate response (v. 31).

How many times have we persevered in the power of Christ and flicked our eyes to the right . . . and probably to the left?

How many times have we lifted our gaze off our Lord’s promises and proven power and toward the impossibility of our circumstances?

How many times has God proven His faithfulness, nudged us lovingly into faith-stretching situations, and gently affirmed He is always right on time and right where we need Him?

As disciples of Christ, we know we can do nothing without our Lord.

 We know He hears us and will lift us out of deep waters and shower us with unlimited grace.

 We know we have no need to worry or fear the things we can’t control or those horrible what-ifs our overactive imagination can whip up.

And God knows we forget sometimes. God knows we need Him to patiently extend mercy and compassion, as He strengthens and refines us.

He will continue nudging us on, pulling us up.

God will keep on cupping our face in His mighty and merciful hands, as He reminds us to believe Him, to trust Him, and to keep our eyes on Him and His abilities . . . no matter how high the waves rise or how strong the winds blow around us.

Then, and only then, can we truly walk by faith . . . and only with Jesus in sight.

Lord, thanks for affirming Your faithfulness and power does not depend on our abilities. Though we may be tempted to focus on our troubles and lean toward anxious thoughts, please help us remember we can rely on You‒the Maker and Sustainer of the wind, the water, and everything else in this world You’ve created. Help us look to You and cry out to You, embracing our powerlessness without You, and thankful that crying out to You is considered a powerful act of faith . . . because we know You will answer according to Your perfect timing and perfect will. In Jesus’s name, Amen.


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