Thanks for Listening, Lord! (A Prayer)

MEME - Psalm 116 v. 1 - Photo by Linda Newsome(SUGGESTED READING – Psalm 116)

Thanks for hearing our voices, Lord (v. 1).

You’ve proven Your faithfulness time and time again.

You’ve revealed Your great love for us, demonstrating patience and grace even when we’re impatient with You.

Thanks for caring about every sob that pours over our lips and every silent cry triggered by the pain we can’t put into words.

Thanks for delighting in every song of praise we sing to You and every whispered prayer of thanks we offer You.

You invite us to be honest with You as we process our emotions. You never minimize or ignore our feelings.

And You always, always respond in love, mercy, compassion, sovereign goodness, and wisdom.

How can we ever thank You enough, loving and dependable Father?

When we can’t see You working or understand Your purpose, when the wait or suffering feels unbearable, and when we can’t even begin to imagine any good coming out of our situation, You−Almighty and Sovereign God−will always make Your presence known and offer to carry us through.

And we can trust now and forever, Lord.

You will be available when we need to call on You all the days of our lives (v. 2).

You are gracious and righteous and full of compassion, Lord (v. 5).

You are our Protector and Rescuer, our Refuge and Good Shepherd (vv. 6-9).

Please give us the desire and diligence to seek You daily in the treasure of Your Holy Word, made accessible by Your Holy Spirt, who lives in us and empowers us to live for You.

Give us ears to hear You clearly and hearts to love You by obeying You, one day at a time.

We can do nothing without You, Lord. Nothing.

Thanks for listening, Lord. Thanks for reminding us You really do care.

In Jesus’s name, Amen.


Photo taken by and used with permission from Linda Newsome.

Meme created by Xochitl E. Dixon.


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4 thoughts on “Thanks for Listening, Lord! (A Prayer)

  1. Amen, Sister! He is so good. He never falls asleep, and He never forgets anything, either. Hallelujah! I am reading a wonderful book on prayer by the guy who will be the keynote speaker at Mount Hermon. It is so, so encouraging. And gives me a glimpse of what could be. It has bolstered my hope. I am so glad you are going to hear him this week. Thank you for your ongoing prayers and for expressing prayers for us, also.

    • He is good, Colleen, so good! Thanks for sharing. I appreciate you joining me in prayer here, too, Sister!

  2. Reading that prayer out loud brought tears to my eyes. I needed that. Thank you.

    • Thank You, Lord, for knowing what we need to hear (or read), exactly when we need it. Thanks for moving our hearts to praise You. Please continue to draw us deeper into your Word. Please remind us how much You love us. And please continue to touch our hearts, affirming Your constant presence and Your unending love for us. In Jesus’s name, Amen.

      Shon, thank you for taking time to join me in prayer. And thanks for sharing your testimony. I am praying God will continue to help us draw nearer to Him through the prayerful study of His Word. To God be the glory, the honor, and the praise!