Love’s Greatest Gift (A Prayer)

MEME - John 3 v 16 - Alan's Cross Photo - Crosswinds Church - Feb 2017(SUGGESTED READING – John 3:1-21)

Father God, there are no words grand enough to capture the depth of our gratitude for who You are and all You’ve done . . . all You’ve done for the sake of Your love for all the people You’ve created in Your image.

Sometimes it’s easy to minimize, or just not think about, the magnitude of what You did when You chose to put on flesh and dwell among us.

Thank You, Father, for sending Jesus−fully God and fully Man, born as a babe, grown to manhood, and now reigning as the Risen King and the only High Priest who understands everything we could possibly experience in our human frailty.

Thank You for the gift of Your Holy Spirit, He who dwells in us when we repent, surrender our lives and accepting Jesus as our personal Lord and Savior.

Too often, we ignore the Holy Spirit when He nudges us toward Your Word.

We shy from reflecting on the immensity of Your suffering from the moment Your beautiful holy feet touched this dusty earth You created . . . to the moment You ascended back to Your rightful Heavenly throne.

You willingly took our place on the cross, paying the cost for our sins of yesterday, today, and even tomorrow.

Your love endured the punishment meant for us−sinners in need of saving−as You loved even those who beat You, mocked You, spit on You, and hated You.

Forgive us for the moments we whisk past the Good News as if it’s old news, Lord.

You, Heavenly Father, gave Your only Son−Love’s greatest gift−so that those who believe in Him will have eternal life.

Please don’t let us ever forget that eternal life begins now, with the privilege of knowing You personally, interacting with You intimately, and living for You abundantly.

Please create new hearts in us, hearts that love the Light, that love Your Truth, that live to love others like You love . . . because You first loved us.

We are Your beloved ones, Lord.

Do what You will, Father, and help us trust Your enduring love . . . yesterday, today, and forever.

In Jesus’s name, Amen


Photo taken by and used with permission from my amazing husband, Dr. W. A. Dixon, Sr.

Meme created by Xochitl E. Dixon.


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6 thoughts on “Love’s Greatest Gift (A Prayer)

    • To God be the glory! I enjoy praising Him and opening our hearts to Him, as we pray together in this unique way, Janet. I love you and am thankful for you, Sister.

  1. We do so need to be constantly aware of Jesus and all He has done, does, and will do. It is true that if we can just begin to grasp who He is, who He really is, then perhaps we can live the life He has prepared for us with more joy and with more intention. I long to learn how to not only obey Him, but to do things for Him or say things to Him just because. Just to please Him. Just because He is Jesus and deserves my complete devotion. Thank you for your prayer today.

    • Colleen, thanks for your prayers and encouragement. We share that longing to please God, to pour our complete devotion over His feet, to love Him and express that love freely and often. Hallelujah! I’m enjoying your blog series, “God–Pure and Simple.” I’m looking forward to exploring and celebrating God’s attributes with you, Sister. To God be the glory, the honor, and the praise!

  2. The Father sent us a special gift through His only begotten Son,our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The offer of Eternal life to those of us who believe in Him and His Son, who He sent here to bring us the gift of redemption to those of us who received His Son and accepted the gift through our beliefs and acceptance of His gift of Love shall and will receive eternal life. Thank you, Lord, for your special gift of love.