Walking in Wisdom (A Prayer)

MEME - Proverbs 4 v 5(Suggested reading – Proverbs 4:1-13)

Lord, thanks for Your inerrant Holy Word through which Your Holy Spirit reveals Your infallible truth and unchanging, perfect character.

Please give us listening hearts. Prepare us to submit our wills to align with Yours, as You help us understand and live in loving obedience to Your Word (vv. 1-4).

Empower us to walk in wisdom and courageous faith, Lord (v. 5).

Please help us give up everything that hinders us from surrendering our all to You, no matter what the personal cost (vv. 6-7).

Help us respect You and honor Your Word, even when the world mocks us and attempts to tempt us into wandering from Your perfect love and the eternal victory You’ve secured for us (vv. 8-9).

Give us ears to hear You, Lord.

Give us the discernment and courage we need to accept Your truth, and the strength and wisdom we need to follow You‒the way, the truth, and the life (John 14:6; Proverbs 4:10-11).

Thanks for making our paths lead straight to You.

Strengthen us, fueling our confidence with Your promised care (vv. 12-13).

Though the road ahead often feels long and seems overrun with weeds of discouragement and doubt, You are our sure hope.

We need You. We praise You. We worship You, Lord.

Please continue to make Your presence known as You empower us to believe You and walk in Your wisdom, one brave step at a time.

In Jesus’s name,



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Thanks for Listening, Lord! (A Prayer)

MEME - Psalm 116 v. 1 - Photo by Linda Newsome(SUGGESTED READING – Psalm 116)

Thanks for hearing our voices, Lord (v. 1).

You’ve proven Your faithfulness time and time again.

You’ve revealed Your great love for us, demonstrating patience and grace even when we’re impatient with You.

Thanks for caring about every sob that pours over our lips and every silent cry triggered by the pain we can’t put into words.

Thanks for delighting in every song of praise we sing to You and every whispered prayer of thanks we offer You.

You invite us to be honest with You as we process our emotions. You never minimize or ignore our feelings.

And You always, always respond in love, mercy, compassion, sovereign goodness, and wisdom.

How can we ever thank You enough, loving and dependable Father?

When we can’t see You working or understand Your purpose, when the wait or suffering feels unbearable, and when we can’t even begin to imagine any good coming out of our situation, You−Almighty and Sovereign God−will always make Your presence known and offer to carry us through.

And we can trust now and forever, Lord.

You will be available when we need to call on You all the days of our lives (v. 2).

You are gracious and righteous and full of compassion, Lord (v. 5).

You are our Protector and Rescuer, our Refuge and Good Shepherd (vv. 6-9).

Please give us the desire and diligence to seek You daily in the treasure of Your Holy Word, made accessible by Your Holy Spirt, who lives in us and empowers us to live for You.

Give us ears to hear You clearly and hearts to love You by obeying You, one day at a time.

We can do nothing without You, Lord. Nothing.

Thanks for listening, Lord. Thanks for reminding us You really do care.

In Jesus’s name, Amen.


Photo taken by and used with permission from Linda Newsome.

Meme created by Xochitl E. Dixon.


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The Perfect Planner

MEME - Isaiah 25 v 1 - Photo by Dee Reeves Bright


All-knowing and all-loving Father, thank You for assuring us that You are and always will be the one and only Perfect Planner.

No matter what changes we might face in life, we can be certain that every detail has been sifted through Your loving grace and purposed for Your glory.

You’ve placed flagstones before us, paving the way through every victory and every trial, so that we can be equipped for the plans You’ve designated for us.

Exalted One, adoring and faithful, Almighty God, thank You for demonstrating Your sovereign goodness through Your wonderful works (Isaiah 25:1).

You deserve our honor and reverence, Protector, Provider, and Lover of the needy (vv. 3-6).

You’ve made us victorious in light of Your love, defeating death, destroying despair and disgrace (vv. 7-8).

Though there are times when sorrow will overcome us, You gently wipe away our tears, compassionate and good Shepherd.

We need You.

We can trust You, because You loved us so much that You saved us (v. 9).

Even when we didn’t know we were lost, when we didn’t know we were hopeless, when we didn’t know what we were missing, You loved us and remained steadfast.

Thank You, Lord, for never giving up on us, even when we rejected You, doubted You, and fought You tooth and nail.

Please break down the walls of our pride, so we can discover the freedom of total surrender, the beautiful joy and peace found in placing You before our wants and above ourselves.

As we seek to know You more, please secure our faith in Your faithfulness.

You are our God!

No matter how hard the road is, no matter how high the mountains seem, or how wide the rough-terrain of the valleys, we can trust You’ve planned and purposed every twist and turn to make us more like You.

Oh, why do we doubt You, loving Savior?

Forgive us for our unbelief, as You help us walk with fierce faith.

We praise You, the one and only Perfect Planner, who was and is and always will be the same yesterday and today and forever−Christ, our Lord.

In Jesus’s name, Amen


Photo taken by and used with permission from Dee Reeves Bright.

Meme created by Xochitl E. Dixon.


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Loving God with All We’ve Got!

MEME - Deuteronomy 6 v 5 - Photo by Myriam Acfalle

(SUGGESTED READING – Deuteronomy 6:1-25)

Lord, You are good. You are loving. You are kind. You are Almighty King, Good Shepherd, and Wise Counselor.

Thanks for Your commands, the wonderful boundaries of love You’ve established to protect us and guide us straight toward the center of Your will (vv. 1-3).

You are One, the One True God−Father, Son, and Holy Spirit−blessed Trinity (v. 4).

Please help us praise You and serve You with a heart-deep-love that chooses You first and places You above everything and everyone else.

Help us worship You with a soul-deep-love that reaches beyond the things of this world.

As we walk by faith, please help us remember You are the unchanging One who has ordained our every step, every breath, every moment of this wonderful life You’ve entrusted to us.

Please help us live in obedience to Your Holy Word by the power and strength of Your Holy Spirit.

Give us opportunities to share Your truth and love wherever You place us.

Empower us to stand firm on the faithfulness of who You are, who You were, who You always have been, and who You always will be  (v. 5-12).

You are the only True God, the only One who can satisfy us, the only One who can know us completely, the only One who can enable us to love You by living for You (v. 13-25).

Help us live in the power and freedom and hope of remembering who You are, what You’ve done, and what You’ve promised.

Your eternally-ordained passionate love for us ignites our love for You, Lord Almighty.

We love You with all we’ve got.

In Jesus’s name, Amen.


Photo taken by and used with permission from Myriam Acfalle.

Meme created by Xochitl E. Dixon.


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Love’s Greatest Gift (A Prayer)

MEME - John 3 v 16 - Alan's Cross Photo - Crosswinds Church - Feb 2017(SUGGESTED READING – John 3:1-21)

Father God, there are no words grand enough to capture the depth of our gratitude for who You are and all You’ve done . . . all You’ve done for the sake of Your love for all the people You’ve created in Your image.

Sometimes it’s easy to minimize, or just not think about, the magnitude of what You did when You chose to put on flesh and dwell among us.

Thank You, Father, for sending Jesus−fully God and fully Man, born as a babe, grown to manhood, and now reigning as the Risen King and the only High Priest who understands everything we could possibly experience in our human frailty.

Thank You for the gift of Your Holy Spirit, He who dwells in us when we repent, surrender our lives and accepting Jesus as our personal Lord and Savior.

Too often, we ignore the Holy Spirit when He nudges us toward Your Word.

We shy from reflecting on the immensity of Your suffering from the moment Your beautiful holy feet touched this dusty earth You created . . . to the moment You ascended back to Your rightful Heavenly throne.

You willingly took our place on the cross, paying the cost for our sins of yesterday, today, and even tomorrow.

Your love endured the punishment meant for us−sinners in need of saving−as You loved even those who beat You, mocked You, spit on You, and hated You.

Forgive us for the moments we whisk past the Good News as if it’s old news, Lord.

You, Heavenly Father, gave Your only Son−Love’s greatest gift−so that those who believe in Him will have eternal life.

Please don’t let us ever forget that eternal life begins now, with the privilege of knowing You personally, interacting with You intimately, and living for You abundantly.

Please create new hearts in us, hearts that love the Light, that love Your Truth, that live to love others like You love . . . because You first loved us.

We are Your beloved ones, Lord.

Do what You will, Father, and help us trust Your enduring love . . . yesterday, today, and forever.

In Jesus’s name, Amen


Photo taken by and used with permission from my amazing husband, Dr. W. A. Dixon, Sr.

Meme created by Xochitl E. Dixon.


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Your Love is More than Enough, Lord!

MEME - Psalm 16 v 8 NIV(SUGGESTED READING: Psalm 16:1-11)

All-knowing Creator, Provider, Protector, and Lover of our souls, thank You for being a good, good Father.

As we abide in You, lean into You, and rest in the peace of Your constant presence, we are safe. (v. 1)

Please give us the courage required for stillness, as we breathe in the scent of Your dependable love.

All we have in this world is worthless without You, Lord.

We need You, and You alone, to experience the deep-rooted satisfaction and contentment that leads to an abundant life of joy. (v. 2-4)

We can count on You to guide us and provide for us, as we place loving You, following You, honoring You, and living for You above all things. (v. 5-6)

Mighty and merciful Lord, thanks for affirming we can call on You and expect answers. (v. 7)

When our hearts are tempted to wander, please secure our footing in Your unchanging and infallible Word.

Preserve us in courageous and confident faith in Jesus. (v. 8-10)

We are Yours, Good Shepherd and Wise Counselor.

Please align our hearts with Yours so that we can proclaim with joy, “Your love is more than enough, Lord!”


In Jesus’s name, Amen


Photo taken by and meme created by Xochitl Dixon.


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A Love Worth Singing About

MEME - Psalm 89 v 1(Suggested Reading: Psalm 89:1-8, NIV)

Adoring and kindhearted Father, selflessly caring Savior, and intimately tender Wise Counselor, Your love is so worth singing about.

Even when we’re pitchy or our voices crack, even when we can’t find the perfect words, when we encounter You personally we can’t help but praise You and proclaim Your perfect love to the nations, to every generation (v. 1).

When we look to the heavens we see proof of Your eternal love.

You paint the skies with reminders of Your unending adoration and faithfulness, yet Your devotion can never be contained, never be fully grasped (v. 2).

Your attention to detail, Your creativity and dedication to designing beauty that none can equal or effectively capture are wonders to behold.

A glance toward the horizon affirms Your dependability, Lord.

You show up as consistently as the sun You make rise, the moon You make shine, and the earth You make turn on its axis.

You direct the wind and control the waves, while maintaining the vastness of the universe You created and sustain.

Each detail of Your glorious creation assures us we can never be out of Your infinite reach, never escape Your loving presence (v. 5).

The wisps of clouds, the radiance of the sunshine, the landscapes too marvelous to be fully appreciated, all speak of Your limitless and incomparable love (v. 6).

Mighty King of Kings, faithful Father, awesome God, You are worthy of all our praise, all of our reverence, respect, and unadulterated love (v. 7).

No love satisfies like Yours, Lord Jesus. Nothing and no one can compare with You.

Yet, You invite us to know You personally, to love You intimately. You fill our empty hearts with devotion that never runs dry (v. 8).

Your compassion and mercy flow endlessly.

Your great love covers us, hems us in, and wraps us up in a refuge sculpted and secured by Your unchanging faithfulness.

Thank You, Lord, for loving us first, loving us completely, loving us even when we struggle with loving ourselves.

Please help us receive Your love without question, without doubt, without hesitation, as we declare Your love is worth singing about, worth living for, and worth returning with all we’ve got.

In Jesus’s name, Amen


Photo taken by and meme created by Xochitl E. Dixon.


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God’s Love Never Fails

MEME - Psalm 52 v 8Lord, our faithful Stronghold, our loving Father, our Good Shepherd, our just Deliverer. There is nothing You can’t do.

There’s nothing more You ever need to do to prove Your love and grace are sufficient to save us, to change us, to carry us through every situation.

Almighty Jesus, thank You for knowing we needed a perfect Savior to die for our sins, a perfect Savior to pay the immeasurable cost for our salvation, a perfect Savior to rise so that we would serve You, our living King.

When we face opposition and the victory always seems just out of reach, please help us trust You to work in and through all circumstances for the good of all who love You, honor You, and follow You.

Loving Redeemer, You’re the only One who can use our biggest failures, our worst shortcomings, our greatest struggles to mold us, shape us, and make us look more like You, while using us to serve others in Your name.

Please help us live each day confident in the rewards of trusting Your unfailing and unfaltering love.

Help us give ourselves to You and others without fear, knowing our everlasting hope, our eternal security is in You because You are completely good.

In Jesus’s name, Amen


Photo taken by and meme created by Xochitl E. Dixon


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The Joy of Loving God

MEME - Psalm 5 v 11 NLT

“But let all who take refuge in you rejoice; let them sing joyful praises forever. Spread your protection over them, that those who love your name may be filled with joy.” (Psalm 5:11, NLT)

Lord, You are all-knowing, all-powerful, all-good, and all we need. You created us. You sacrificed Yourself to save us. You rose for us. You live for us.

Thank You. Thank You. Thank You, Lord!

Mighty and merciful Father, thank You for providing for us, protecting us, and empowering us to persevere with courageous faith rooted in Your life-transforming love.

When we’re tempted to let discouragement or discontent douse our joy, please remind us of how much You’ve done for us, how much You’ve given us, how much You’ve proven You care for us.

When we’re tempted to complain about how tough our situation seems or how unfair the hand we’re dealt feels, remind us that there are so many things that could have happened that You protected us from.

Your great purpose prevails every time You answer our prayers, even when You answer with a no or a wait.

Your faithfulness endures during the unexpected U-Turns and delays You planned with great care.

As we take refuge in You, as we trust Your power and Your love, as You help us submit to Your authority and find comfort in Your perfection, please help us overflow with joyful praise.

We love You and are overwhelmed with the thought of how deeply You love us.

Lord, please ensure the eternal truth of Your endless love for us sinks deep into hearts.

You love us. Oh, how You love us, Lord.

You love me.

Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

In Jesus’s name, Amen


Photo taken by and meme created by Xochitl E. Dixon.


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Oh, Loving God, You’re So Good to Us!

MEME - Psalm 13 v. 6

Lord, You are so good to us!

Thank You for the privilege of knowing You, loving You and praising You.

Thanks for the countless opportunities You give us to see Your goodness, Your faithfulness, and Your life-transforming love penetrating our lives.

Please help us acknowledge You in the ordinary moments we experience today.

Help us recognize the ways You work in and through the encounters we have with others.

There are so many ways You’ve been good to us, Lord. There are so many priceless memories that shine with evidence of Your interactive and intimate love flowing in and through us.

Please help us start our days and end our days by counting the ways, listing the ways, sharing the ways, and praising You for the ways You’ve shown love to us every single day.

Thank You, Lord, for being good to us.

Thank You for being You−our wonderful, glorious, and marvelous King, our faithful, loving, and altogether good Savior.

You are the only One who was and is and always will be, the only One who remains the same yesterday, today, and forever.

You are the only One whose love can satisfy us completely, the only One who deserves all of our love, all of our worship, and all of our grateful praise.


In Jesus’s name, Amen


Photo taken by and meme created by Xochitl E. Dixon


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