Seeing Rejection as God’s Intervention


During the 2010 Writing for the Soul conference, I pitched the first draft of my Contemporary Teen novel. The agent gave me positive feedback on my writing and invited me to send her a complete proposal.


Elated, and still green regarding the business side of writing, I slapped together a cover letter and submitted a synopsis and the first three chapters of my manuscript. I waited for her to hand deliver my contract.


Instead of a contract, I received my SASE with a wonderful rejection letter.


She said she enjoyed my voice and thought my writing was strong, but she didn

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Following God through the Valley







Once I transitioned from hobby writer to professional freelancer, I set reasonable goals, worked hard to continue honing my craft, and plugged into a fabulous critique group through Inspire Writers.


Determined to keep God in the center of my writing process, I made it a priority to spend time studying His Word. I prayed before writing and acknowledged His constant guidance.


Seeking God

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Small Sacrifice


When I first heard the Gospel, two sisters in Christ taught me that receiving Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior was just the beginning of my spiritual journey.


One woman, Joy, invited me to read through the book of John with her. I was a giddy school-girl, falling in love with God for the first time.


The second woman, Barbara, bought me a study Bible and became my mentor.


I wanted to know God and grow deeper in my relationship with Christ. I wanted to experience the life of abundance He promises. So, empowered by the Holy Spirit, I began to read and study God

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